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We know you love your pastor and his family and want the best for them. And we know you love your church and want God’s purposes to be fulfilled in it. But if we’re honest we’ll admit this isn’t the case in many churches. Congregants struggle as their expectations are unmet. Pastors struggle to keep up with the demands. Tensions rise as relationships get strained. Friction sparks controversy. Through it all your pastor can get worn out, even burnt out.

“Two top reasons pastors leave their church; ministry burnout and marital issues. This in turn causes financial hardship for churches due to attendance and offerings being reduced. Wise churches make sure pastors won’t burnout and their marriage and families are strong.” 

-Standing Stone Ministries


Here’s what the Barna Group is saying about it:   


•    37% of pastors are at risk of burnout (emotionally exhausted, inadequate, depressed)

•    43% at risk for relational problems  (spouse, children, friends, church members)

•    66% at risk of spiritual difficulties (spiritual well being below average,

      development stagnated) 

 - The State of Pastors, The Barna Group, 2017; pg. 20


Ensuring that your pastor and spouse are living whole and thriving lives has far-reaching impact on the health of your congregation.  We want to help.


Here's what we can offer you:


  • Elders: lead you in awareness discussions on the state of pastors and their families

  • Congregations: teach on-site educational seminars on how to encourage and support pastors, spouses and families

  • Pastoral Couples: provide on-site care and preventative care, giving your pastor and spouse support, and coaching to set them on a course to run their race well.


Together we can keep your pastor and spouse from experiencing the emotional exhaustion that leads to burnout. We can help them navigate the sticky relational issues that entangle and trip up ministry. And we can help them engage in healthy spiritual practices to keep them connected to Jesus.


We’d love to talk more about it with you. Send us an email at: 

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