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Before leading Crossroads Community Church as Head Pastor for 25 years, Rich was a wood shop teacher and elementary school principal. While you may see a theme of teaching in his career, don't be too quick to shortchange his talents and passions. These run quite the gamut. In his spare time, he loves to cook and bake, shoot clay pigeons, build or repair just about anything, read action novels, play with his grandchildren and garden with an unbelievably green thumb (and if you think we're bragging, take a look at his fig trees).

With 25 years of ministry under his belt, he has a solid understanding of the thrills and throes of leading a congregation. He knows what it's like to shoulder the responsibility for the spiritual formation of an entire congregation and carry the crushing weight of disappointing people in an environment of ever increasing expectations. To continually throw himself on the mercy of God and re-enter the battle. And he's seen God's incredible victories: faith renewed, broken lives healed, and people saved by the life changing power of Jesus Christ. (We're starting to think this would make a good action novel...)



Where do we begin with this wild one? She's a creative visionary and along with planting Crossroads Community Church, she led the worship team, revitalized the children's ministry, worked part time as a music therapist, raised her three children and eventually came on full time as Crossroads' Creative Director.  

They say women's minds are like spaghetti, but this woman's mind is like an overflowing dish of linguine you wouldn't believe! Typically waking in the wee hours of the night with new ideas ranging from a crazy party game to new lyrics for a song,  Heidi thrives in the creative realm.  Her day is made when she comes across "a find" on the side of the road (currently this has come in the form of 12 tricycles for her grandchildren and great nieces/nephews). In her free time she loves to garden, watch romantic comedies, enjoy a sweet treat and scare the life out of her adult children with a mannequin head hidden underneath their bed sheets.

As a (former) pastor's wife, she is all too familiar with the challenges of caring for a family and dealing with the unrealistic expectations from the church on her "role" as a pastor's wife. She navigated the complicated relationships and found ways to make room for her dreams, marriage and ministry. Now if only she could find more room to store all of her free roadside treasures...

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