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Pastoral Couples Need Sponsorship

Regardless of whether a church is large or small, financial resources can be stretched and funding is often unavailable for preventative care.  Many pastors are bi-vocational and cannot afford the coaching or retreat time they so desperately need. Sponsoring a pastoral couple will give them the emotional, spiritual and relational support they need to continue shepherding and caring for their congregations.  Pastoral couples who live thriving and whole lives keep their marriages healthy, their families strong and their ministries vibrant.

Pastoral Couples...


Have Great Responsibilities

While the pastor’s job is to teach, shepherd and lead the church, couples together provide counsel and care. Church members look to the couple for spiritual guidance, advice and modeling of the Christian life.  As a couple they exemplify marriage and often how to raise children in the faith.


Are Human

In addition to the great responsibility of care for a church congregation, a pastor and spouse have personal challenges: family problems, financial stress, relational issues, health concerns.  They can also experience burnout, temptation and depression.


Need Relational Support

Just like everyone else, a pastor and spouse need friends they can trust and lean on for support, especially during life’s most challenging times.  Where do they turn when they need help? Pastoral couples need a safe place, and safe people outside of their own congregations to go to for non-judgmental counsel and encouragement.

Sponsorship Packages




01: Coaching

Coaching Package

1 session                                     $120

6 sessions                                   $700

6 months/12 sessions                $1200

12 months/24 sessions              $2200

02: Personal Couple's Retreat

Retreat Package

3 nights/4 days                          $1200

4 nights/5days                           $1500

5 nights/6 days                          $1800

03: Vitalized Couples Package

Vitalized package

Coaching: 12 months/24 sessions

Personal Couple’s Retreat: 5 nights/6 days                $4000

Coaching and Couple Retreat funds are used anonymously unless otherwise specified.  If you would like to identify a specific couple to sponsor please contact us at

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